• Media Event & Press Conference

    We are professional in helping product launches and delivering messages to the world.
    Our expertise includes creating event contents, directing stage production, executing and operating the plan and reporting the results. We do it all with an optional plan based on PR strategy to get maximum media exposure on TV, WEB, and social media.

  • Sales Promotion /Experiential Events / Pop-up Stores

    The brand’s worldview or the uniqueness of products and services is acknowledged the best when communicated through live events rather than through TV commercials or the web.
    We propose what kind of experience is suited to deliver the message in the event. We will select the optimal location, design the space, and perform post-survey and data analysis based on our experience.

  • Exhibitions/Seminars/Parties

    Special events are our thing. We are experts at creating special events like exhibitions, seminars, ceremonial events and parities. Leave all the details to us—concept planning, booth design/construction, content creation, casting, and stage direction. We even arrange the catering and gifts for the guests.

  • Themed/Business Events

    Sports competitions, festivals, themed events…we’ve got them covered. Our extensive network and years of knowledge and experience guarantees success through carefully crafted plans, by working with local groups and organizations, setting up event offices, arranging casting, and ensuring event security.

  • Promotion via Digital, Social Media, and Online Video

    Our comprehensive services satisfy specific client’s needs and goals: website creation & web promotional videos to boost product appreciation; social media activation & press release distribution to reach the target segments; multifaceted promotions tied to events.

  • Sales Promotions

    In addition to planning and designing campaigns, we will plan and implement all kinds of sales promotion that stimulates buying intension. Our expertise includes but not limited to designing and printing store POPs, making store fixture, coordinating inquiry offices or prizes of campaign.